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Interview With Solodad Maria

 Welcome to The Women Behind The Poetry, where we interview women from the 'Journey of The Heart: Women's Spiritual Poetry Project'!  

Today we introduce you to healer and spiritual midwife Solodad Maria, from the United Kingdom, whose work focuses on awakening the Divine Feminine within every woman. 

When and how did you first begin writing poetry?

 I have been writing poetry since I was a child. Since then I have felt that the rhythm of the Universe speaks through me, harmonizing with my natural self, the beauty of word, sound and the Divine source. In 1995 I experienced a kind of awakening. It was then that I was blessed with beautiful writing, and words that flow from within me. They are like prayers flowing from the transparent source of light, which, as a women I feel I know deeply and intuitively.

Which subjects are easiest for you to write poems on?

I write from within: like an artist with a blank canvas, the words flow onto the page, like a blessing from the essence of transformation and love. My words are always heartfelt, always from my soul. I also feel blessings and energy that is gifted to me when I write.

When do you feel most inspired to write poetry?

In the early morning around 3 or 4 am. That’s when I awaken and feel the oneness and blessings of the presence of the Divine. I am energized then and full of praise and gratitude for a new day. Words flow from me at this time of day and also my meditations. It is a very beautiful experience.

What is your biggest fear or hesitation when deciding to share a poem with the public?

I feel the sacred deeply. I believe that any hesitation is my need and desire to keep my Divine flow as a peaceful vehicle for love, avoiding obscurity and unnatural rhythms or complexity.

What is the most profound thing you have learned from writing poems?

I’ve learned about the Awakening Woman within all women, and how connected she is as a source of communication and clarity for us all. I’ve learned about her joy in this place of freedom and unity with all that is. I’ve also learned how blessed I am to be a source of inspiration for myself, and others. For in expressing words that move beyond meaning, but are felt deeply within, we open ourselves up to receive them in a state of grace. This feeling is so beautiful!

What function has writing poems played for you in your life?

Poetry has been like a light to me, and a freedom. Poetry affects me deeply as a source of love: Divinity in motion!

What effect does reading the poems of others have on you?

I feel the words of others deeply. Poetry for me is fluid, like liquid: the essence of the soul. I believe that often words that pour out spontaneously are poems not yet known to the souls expression. I am moved by prayer, energy and sensitivity. I am moved by words that are heartfelt yet loving and real. I admire the soul who takes the time to praise life and others, who knows how to use words as an energy source, as a beloved even. Sometimes the longing behind the words catches me and lulls my being into a place of openness and pure love.

How did you first discover Journey of The Heart?
Journey of the Heart was found through the deep connection I feel with Catherine Ghosh as a pure hearted soul and Divine sister.

Have you publically shared your poetry before doing so via this project?

I published Healing From The Heart in 2005. It is filled with blessings and verses that tell the story of my spiritual awakening. I have also had poetry published through other publications and the Internet.

What has been your general experience of sharing your poetry on Journey of The Heart?

I was happy to have my poetry published through Journey of the Heart. The deep resonance with Catherine and the beautiful sisters, as they share their own messages and expressions of the awakened woman is wonderful.

Any last words you’d like to share about poetry?

I believe poetry is an art form: a language of soul that resonates across the Universe and those who compose it are deeply blessed with being able to communicate that vibration in the Universe that longs to be heard. In doing so, we lift the vibration of our Mother Earth and bless life with valuable messages about openness, freeing and healing: exercising the language of the soul!

Solodad Maria has worked as a healer and spiritual midwife for nearly twenty years. Though Solodad is based in the United Kingdom, she is a member of the International Association of Medical Intuitives. Using sound and movement as healing tools, she draws mainly from tribal and indigenous cultures. She is author of Healing From The Heart, an autobiographical account of awakening and the woman inside. You may connect with Solodad via her website here, follow her blog "Feminine Awakening" here, or e-mail her


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