Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Interview With Mauureen Kwiat Meshenberg

Welcome to The Women Behind The Poetry, where we interview women from the 'Journey of The Heart: Women's Spiritual Poetry Project'!  

Today we introduce you to Maureen Kwiat Meshenburg, an active and inspiring poetess online, and in her local women's circles, who will be publishing her own book in November 2014. 

What was it like for you when you first began writing poetry?

I began to write poetry when I was a teenager. Even then, it was a spiritual experience for me. I always thought it to be a powerful and beautiful spiritual gift. For when I write, it is like a stream of consciousness that comes over me; the words flow out from deep within me. 
What do you like writing about the most?

I love writing about the seasons and their spiritual analogy to the dying and the rebirthing of oneself. The seasons are a great prompt for me to explore the words that describe their beauty and their phases as they match what is going on with my life.

Which subjects are the hardest for you to write about?

When something tragic happens, whether in my life or that of another, it is hard for me to write about it because my heart aches when the words flow out. However these poems tend to be the most powerful ones that touch people. I feel like a shaman of words, they are pulled deep from within my soul, and it brings me through a great emotional experience. 

When do you feel most inspired to write poetry?

I do tend to feel most inspired by whatever is happening in my life or that of another brought on through inspiration or suffering. Both equally bring powerful words of affirmation or of healing. I am a prolific writer; my best writing comes from times like these. 

What is your biggest fear or hesitation when deciding to share a poem with the public?

It really depends on the audience, if I feel my poem is more esoteric, I wonder if the literary poet in the group will look at my poems as being too spiritual, or simple in their eyes. My fear is their acceptance of the way I write. I often will write a more real-life piece, to accommodate this type of audience. This is my ego and my humanness wanting to connect with them, but my poetry should speak for itself, and I should let it. The words that come from me are meant to touch all people, no matter who is in the audience.   

What is the most profound thing you have learned from writing poems?

That the words that come from me and how they come, are a true gift from Spirit within. My writing process is a flow of consciousness. Often I do not realize how powerful the poem is until I put the pen down. My writing does not come from my intellect, it comes from my soul. 

What function has writing poems played for you in your life?

I was recently reintroduced to my writing after a complete awakening of my soul and coming back to a conscious spiritual life. Unfortunately it came through the devastating ending of my 20-year marriage. What started off as journaling and the pouring of my heart on paper, ignited my writing of poetry again.

Name some of your favorite poetesses.

Mary Oliver, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Maya Angelou.

What effect does reading the poems of others have on you?

Most poems are spiritual soul food for me. They tap into a place of my heart where I breathe the words in, I feel them become a part of me or they resonate to something happening to my life. 

How did you first discover Journey of The Heart?

I had the honor and the fortunate pleasure of Catherine inviting me to send my poems to be published in Journey of The Heart. Through it I have met many wonderful poetesses and my soul connection with you. This has been an amazing part of my journey with my poetry. 

Have you publicly shared your poetry before doing so via this project?

I have my own page that I started on New Year’s Eve starting 2012 called Heart’s Calling on Facebook reaching 2,650 fans. I am also the Visionary Poet on Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond Magazine for almost 2 years, also on Facebook.

What has been your general experience of sharing your poetry on Journey of The Heart?

My experience has been so welcoming and inspiring. Not only do I enjoy seeing my poems reach many other women and men in the world, I have had the significant privilege of meeting such powerful poetesses. Their words have truly touched my heart and soul. 

Any last words you’d like to share about poetry?

My soul and heart’s vision is to continue to touch others with my poetry. I do not view my poetry as a hobby, it truly is a spiritual experience; this is truly my Heart’s calling.  I am currently working on publishing my own book, which I expect to release in November 2014.  

Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg: About 3 years ago, I was awakened from my slumber, though it was a devastating breaking point in my life, I was reunited to a true relationship with my spiritual self and my gift through poetry. It is my intention to reach others by sharing my story through poetry and touching theirs. I am the Page owner of Heart’s Calling. I am also the Visionary Poet for the Facebook Magazine "Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond" here. I recite spoken word at different venues and also host a monthly Creative Writing Circle using the space for women to bring out their inner release through written word. I am currently working on publishing a book of my poetry. I can be contacted through my Heart’s Calling Facebook page here.

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  1. This is an awesome interview, Maureen. As one who has been reading your poetry for well over a year, I appreciate your vision and your ability to put it on paper. Keep writing my sister. Love and hugs and best wishes to you on your book. Brenda

  2. thank you from my heart dearest Brenda, I am ready to soar ~

  3. I love the way you speak about being overcome by a stream of consciousness when penning a poem! I can so relate to this and to the active relationship with nature as a muse. I also so much appreciate your observation that your most laborious poems to write also end up being the ones that touch hearts in the most powerful ways. How rewarding this must feel! Thank you so much for this inspiring interview, dear Maureen. And I look forward to reading your book! xoxxo