Thursday, July 30, 2015

Be Bold and Trust Your Unique Gifts: From an Interview with Anita Grace Brown

 Welcome to The Women Behind The Poetry, where we interview women from the 'Journey of The Heart: Women's Spiritual Poetry Project'! 

Today we introduce you to Anita Grace Brown, a yoga teacher, mother of two teens and wife of 23 years who believes that life is full of surprises and hopes to continue embracing all the gifts life presents before her. 

I began meditating after a visit to the neurologist when I was concerned about memory and focus issues at the age of 46. Shortly after establishing a regular Centering Prayer practice, the poems began forming on their own. What a healing gift!!

I love writing about nature and healing the most. All of nature speaks volumes with regard to how the simplicity of being is mirrored in watching a leaf fall from a tree or listening to a bird sing, for example.

I usually don’t hesitate to share my poems, as for me there has been this uncanny certainty that the poetry comes from a deep place desiring exposure and release from day one. That the words continue to reveal deeper wisdom as time goes on. That I can trust the message even if my initial understanding is superficial.

I don’t write every day (although I would like to!!) so I generally write when I feel as if something in me is stuck and needs coaxing. Writing and sharing my poetry has facilitated deep healing with regard to shadowy aspects of myself.

Regarding reading poems by others, I love anything by Mary Oliver, Rumi, Hafiz and of course our first anthology!! (found here) Such readings give me a calm recognition of our interconnectedness.

Before sharing my poem here, on the Journey of The Heart Poetry Project, I boldly submitted to Elephant Journal and they have gone on to publish much of my work as well…I feel so blessed!!

I just love sharing my poetry here as the way the words are matched with gorgeous visuals inspires me. Also, the women are always so supportive and encouraging.

I would like to add that you may be wondering if your voice is needed in the world and I am here to say that there is a seat at the table for everyone…including you! Be bold and trust your unique gifts!!!!

(Anita Grace's poetry appears in our new anthology found here
Photograph by Robert Sturman
Anita Grace Brown is a content mother of two teenagers and wife of 23 years, both of which she is grateful for every day. She began writing poetry in the fall of 2012 after a mini-breakdown cracked open her heart and allowed this newly found gift to shine through. Many months later, she is realizing the truth in the saying that ‘breakdown equals spiritual awakening’ as she is pleasantly shocked at how much more peace she has in her spirit and how that is reflected in her life.  Anita loves yoga, dancing, traveling, cooking, walking her golden Sierra, and quiet evenings at home. She especially enjoys teaching meditation to under-served communities and listening to others as they express the same joy at the transformation occurring from such simple but regular practice.


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